I fished the North Fork of the Cosumnes River on three occaisions during August and September. On two occaisions I fished 2 miles above Capps Crossing past the area blocked by rocks. In August small fish were plentiful and the prise was a 10 inch Brown. Water flow was moderate. In September with lowewr water fish were hard to find. The river has large areas of smooth rock bottom. In late September I fished with the WES students. My student caught one 6 inch rainbow above the campground at Capps Crossing. One other student did the same. This was the first time fly fishing for either one. The river was quite low and few fish were seen. The area near the campground was relatively free of litteer while the upper areas were heavily littered with toilet paper and camping debris of all sorts.

Help us acumulate data on the status of lakes and streams within our county. You may be able to suggest our first conservation project. Post an entry reporting your observations while out and about El Dorado county waters. Let us know about stream conditions, habitat degradation, litter and fish. Tell us about your fishing experience. This data will be collected to form an inventory and identify potential restoration projects. Try to be specific about locations. Of course you may generalise your fishing locations. Submit your text and images to

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