42 Mile Tract is another easily visible and accessible spot on the river near the turn-off before Strawberry. The rest of the party joined us at 42 Mile Tract, after cleaning the areas at Riverton and Indian Springs. They included Eric, Stan, Pat, and two other guys whose names I didn't get. The river at both Eagle Rock and 42 Mile Tract looked like beautiful trout water. With experienced fly fishermen like Ron and Eric with us, I had high expectations that some of our party would catch fish. But once again I found that Sierra streams produce few fish and those that are caught are usually very small. We all zeroed out except for two 3 inchers and one 7 inch. As we sat around a picnic table, talking flies and streams, I learned that all the access roads and turn-outs into the El Dorado National Forest along Hiway 50 are open to the public even if there are cabins located nearby. Gordon and I returned to Eagle Rock on our way back home and fished for a couple of hours. He caught two 5 inch rainbows on a dry fly. I had two small hits on a #16 parachute Adams, but no hook ups. It was a pretty spot, but the trout were sorely missed. So in the past month I have fished both the upper and lower end of Caples Creek with the hook and line assessment and Eagle Rock and 42 Mile Tract with the clean-up on the South Fork, all with little success. The Caples Creek trips required greater hiking effort to access. I saw no hatches or rising fish on any of these trips, which were typically during the afternoon.