Nine intrepid anglers from El Dorado TU treked to Caples Creek on July 17 to make a hook and line assesment of the fishery. Seven went to Kirkwood Meadows and hiked down the Kirkwood Creek trail. The two others went to Fitch-Rantz Bridge on the Silver Fork and hiked up. Kevin Weddle was the high stick with five fish to 12 inches, one Brown and 4 Brooks. CP Johnson helped out with six fish to 6 inches. John Ladasky caught two small Rainbows, 4 and 7 inches, on the lower section. The water was clear and cold, 12 deg. C. Fish were very spooky in the clear water. Water level was moderate with fishable areas near bends and trees. Many shallow slow runs seemed to be fishless. The Kirkwood group fished about 1/2 mile above and below the trail entry. All fished about three hours.