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Dry Creek Salmon Surveys

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2015 was a unique year in the lateness of the run. Notes below show that a sighting on Secret Ravine on December 17th signaled the apparent start of the run. Mike Healy of CDFW speculated that water temperature caused the delay and noted that runs were late in other watersheds also.

Because it was hard to know when fish would be present we weren’t able to recruit enough volunteers to cover many reaches, but we greatly appreciate those who did turn out and there were many others checking in by email. We focused on Secret Ravine and upper Dry Creek which are usually most productive.

In trying to compare this year to other recent years it looks like the total would have at least doubled if we had been able to cover more reaches.

Numbers from the Auburn Ravine volunteers have not been released but are reported to be very low also. (CDFW didn’t survey this year.) DC and AR enter the Sacramento River in different locations so it’s likely the cause of the low numbers is at a higher system level than the individual creeks. Completion of the fish screens on Pleasant Grove Canal should boost numbers in future years.

Jan 22 - Steve Vilter reports seeing two salmon between Harding and Folsom in Roseville.
Dec 26 - Beth Gouveia, We saw our first migrater of the year, a 12-14" single, all silver speed demon who looked like a steelhead vs trout, for what that's worth.
Dec 22 - Barbara Washburn, Kathleen was out taking-cross section on NEMDEC yesterday and saw a freshly dead salmon head in the brush.
Dec 22 - Jim Haufler, Steve Hubbard saw one today below Hemphill Dam (Auburn Ravine).
Dec 22 - Gregg Bates, I looked at the beaver dams today and they seemed passable. (after storm)
Dec 18 - Gregg Bates, David and I saw 9 good looking fish upstream of Roseville Pkwy Friday that seemed to be held there by a surprisingly small beaver dam.
We saw two substantial beaver dams between the hospital and Monument Springs/china Garden Road. Interestingly there were some very good looking redds between these beaver dams but no fish on them and no carcasses. It seems as though there was an early pulse that we missed and then some more came after the recent storms.
Dec 17 - Brent Pierce, Walking along the bike trail of Dry Creek and spotted 2 live salmon in the deeper pool a little east of the Harding Blvd bridge.
Dec 4 - Mike Stark, Mark and I joined Lydia Sizelove on a Rocklin hunt for our king salmon. We inspected three locations up stream on Secret Ravine. Sorry to report we sighted nothing.
Dec 1 - Gregg Bates, As far as I know there have been no fish seen in Dry Creek or Auburn Ravine. The CDFW biologist has thinks maybe warm river temperatures have delayed them. In our experience we don't see them after the first week of December.
Nov 8 - Jim Haufler, a 34" long male Chinook salmon was found dead just a few feet downstream from the Coppin Dam sill on the afternoon of Sunday, November 8, 2015. The flash boards were removed a few weeks ago so the fish appears to have been trying to move upstream past the sill of the dam. Since this fish was found in the Cross Canal below the confluence of Auburn Ravine and Coon Creek, we have no way of knowing which it would have entered if it had lived.
Oct 19 - Jason Green, Yesterday at Hayer Park there was a homeless person who has been attempting to dam up the creek right under the bridge at Hayer Park.

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