El Dorado Chapter Resuming Operations Featured

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The El Dorado Chapter Board of Directors met on July 1st to rough out plans for the 2021-2022 year. The 10th anniversary celebration marked the opening of events with significant participants. The event was successful based on attendance, location, food and wine conversation and a raffle.

Another social meeting was defined for July 8. We will gather at Jack Russell Farm Brewery in Camino from 5-7 PM. Fellowship and fish tales will be augmented with pizza, available beer, some casting games and of course a raffle. Come see your old friends and meet some new ones.

A fishout is being planned for Caples Creek in August. In September we will gather at Wofford Acres, November will mark a return to the Veterans Memorial in Placerville followed by January, March, May and June. A fish out will be planned for February-March. A float tube fishout to Gerle  Creek is also on the agenda.

We are exploring activities with the EID and Forest Service. Suggestions for a restoration or other project will be welcomed.

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