Salmon Aided by Auburn Ravine Ladder

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Salmon are spawning near lincoln as a result of a new fish ladder installed on the Auburn Ravine. The Nevada County irrigation District installed the ladder after three years of work by the "Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead" organization. Over 150 salmon have passed over the ladder near Lincoln in Placer County. The ladder was installed to gain salmon access above a gauging station within the stream. The station created a 6 foot barrier to fish passage and few fish were able to pass over it.  Auburn Ravine is one of hundreds of small Sacramento River tributaries that once hosted salmon runs. Today, the creek enters the Sacramento River via the Natomas Cross Canal, a flood-control channel. It then winds for miles through small farms and suburbs outside Sacramento, Roseville and Lincoln, finally reaching the Sierra Nevada foothills near Auburn. Read the complete story.   

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