Dam Nation

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Visually stunning and powerfully eye opening, DamNation documents the attempt to reverse a century's worth of land and water management mistakes. Dam removal is something you can do that actually has immediate effects on the environment. There are 85,000 dams on rivers throughout the U.S. so it's an issue that is literally in everyone's back yard. Most people in the general public just look at dams as part of the landscape and I think once you see the film you'll look at dams a lot differently. The stories of the salmon are deeply effected by dams. Salmon are some of the most versatile and tenacious fish and they are a part of so many native cultures. One of the main problems with dams is that they effect salmon runs. Every spring salmon swim upstream from the ocean to spawn. The trip can be hundreds of miles and after releasing their eggs, most of the fish die. This is a cycle that's been happening for thousands of years. A dam essentially stops this cycle.

Yvon Chinard of Patagonia went to the Sierra Club and asked them to make this movie. Read the story of the film and see how you can watch it.

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