wild trout

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Wild trout management may be one of the greatest ecological success stories never told. The wild trout management policy diverted attention from stocking fish to compensate for habitat destruction caused by pollution, bulldozing, and dewatering streams. The wild trout policy focused attention on protecting and restoring degraded rivers and streams to provide the cool, clean water and healthy streams that trout require. While trout and anglers were primary beneficiaries of wild trout, a long list of species like mink, otter, ospreys, eagles, bears and kingfishers enjoy healthy habitats and a consistent food source thanks to wild trout management. Humans other than fishermen also benefit from the recreational and economic riches of healthy rivers and streams. Floaters, innkeepers, rod and wader makers, restaurants and chambers of commerce each enjoy the bounty that Montana's trout fishing provides. Read the full TU Blog.