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Truckee River Chapter Active on the Little Truckee and Elsewhere

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Truckee River Trout Unlimited has participated in some great events, celebrated some accomplishments and are excited for future opportunities to conserve, protect, and restore our waters. Among other things, our cleanup efforts on Donner Creek and the Truckee River were effective and we had large volunteer turnouts to help augment spawning gravels for our wild trout. We are celebrating the completion of the Little Truckee River Fish Habitat Improvement Project, a major milestone for our watershed. Additionally, we have some new projects that we are excited to share with you in the near future. John Jewett, Truckee River Chapter President.

John wrote these words as his message in the current Truckee River Chapter Newsletter. The newsletter is artfully done to describe their recent activities on the Little Truckee and elsewhere. It provides insight into the dynamics of a successful chapter and provides some hints of places to fish. Truckee River has been very successful in defining objectives and gathering funding to conduct projects.

Read their newsletter for a full description of their activities.

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