salmon beyond borders

The Pebble Mine in Alaska is being contained with the aid of the EPA. Did you know that a similar larger threat is growing on the border of Southeast Alaska with Canada. Canada is allowing increased mining opportunities in British Columbia that threaten the habitat and environmental resources of major rivers flowing into Alaska and the sea. Ten major mines are in development on the Stikine and Unuk Rivers. Each of these mines would contain a massive tailings dam. These dams would have to contain thee tailings in perpetuity to avoid damage to the $2 billion fishing and tourism business of Alaska. This is the type of dam that failed at Mt Polley in 2014 damaging the Frasier River watershed. Trout Unlimited and Salmon Beyond Borders have produced a film illustrating the risks to Alaska. View the film at
A 1909 treaty with Canada states "Waters flowing across the boundary shall not be polluted on either side to the injury of health or property on the other". Yet Canada is willing to continues supporting the development of these mines.